5.0: Five o’clock, time for maturity 🗓


We’re very happy to release this version. It doesn’t bring a firework of huge features, but simply improves the subtle integration into the WordPress environment.

As symbol of the maturity, the version number jumps to 5.0, and we revamped the icon, using dashicons.

Oh wait, we’re also proud to announce very useful new features:

So, what’s new ?

Search form

You can now add a search form in a page using the shortcode or add the widget in a sidebar. Your users will be able to find events in a date range or simply by filling a keyword. It’s quiet simple, but, depending on the kind of post-types you use, you’ll be able to manage booking, availability… or whatever you want!

Quick & Bulk

Save time by editing your events in the quick edit interface. You can now edit dates, location, address and color directly from the quick edit form.

It doesn’t make sens to change everything in bulk edit, but you can apply a color to many posts at once.

Theme developers

Want to entirely customize the appearances of forms, maps and events? This version commes with custom CSS support. Simply add a event-post.css file in the theme directory and it will replace the default one. You can also specify an external URL from the settings page.

And for the Purists

Settings API

No impact, but for those who like beautiful code and standards, be knowing that event-post now uses the native settings API.

Some comments have been added, and code cleaned up.


Fix incompatibility with PDOS plugin / remove warning

Scheduled ical Google outlook News






4 responses to “5.0: Five o’clock, time for maturity 🗓”

  1. Dennis Shum Avatar
    Dennis Shum

    I am writing to ask for plugin to support qTranslateX.

    I added the following code to line 1033 of eventpost.php

    $lang = get_locale();

    $t = explode(“@@”,str_replace(array(‘[:en]’,'[:hk]’,'[:]’),’@@’,$event->post_title)) ;

    if( $t[2]!=” AND $lang==’zh-TW’ ){
    $event->post_title = $t[2] ;
    }elseif( $t[1]!=” AND $lang==’en_US’ ){
    $event->post_title = $t[1] ;

    which will be overwritten every time the plugin is updated.

    Do your team have any plan on supporting qTranslateX as well? Thanks so much for this useful plugin.

    1. Bastien Ho Avatar

      Hi, we haven’t planned any qtranslate support. Anyway, the plugin provides many hooks in order to extend features accross updates. You could simply use the `eventpost_retreive` filter to alter the event’s values.

  2. GEO Avatar

    Thank you! Your plugin is perfect!

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