4.5: Extended maps, smarter calendar πŸ—“

After a long period of development and testing, EventPost 4.5 is out. Many support requests are concerned by this release.

Most of the improvements are relative to maps, but 5 bugs fixes will give you a better experience for events.

Here are the details:

✨ The new features

  • New option to hide the event-bar
  • New Tiles: Humanitarian, Positron and Dark matter with retina (x2) support
  • Add setting link from the plugins page
  • Add Map tiles attribution support
  • Add Add zoom option in map Shortcode and Widget
  • Add support for shortcake term selector (requires shortcake 0.7+)

? Fixes

  • Better support of timezones in VCS/ICS exports
  • Fix wrong parameter in calendar shortcode UI register
  • Fix displaying icons in wrong post’s title in single pages
  • Fix “Uncaught Error: [] operator not supported for string, PHP7 compliance
  • Correctly checks for content filtering, as mentioned in the codex
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3 thoughts on “4.5: Extended maps, smarter calendar πŸ—“

  1. Can I make it possible in my blog to have people leave a comment as well? It says “no permission”. I think I have left it all unblocked.

  2. Hi,
    I’m trying this beautiful and, overall, usefull plugin.
    I have a question: I use in my theme jquery version 3.4.1 and with this version maps tiles doesn’t load.
    If I use a test empty wordpress website and I just load your plugin it works properly with jquery version 1.12.4.
    Is v1.12.4 a requirement to let this plugin working?
    Thank you

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