Add triggers on calendarAdd setting to hide/show EventStatusRemove deprecated shortcode wizardRemove support for shortcake (shortcode UI)Add “eventpost_shortcode_slug” filter


Fix JS warnings in adminRemove dummy duplicate L10n strings

Add tax_name and tax_term attributes to shortcodes. Update shortcodes documentation

Add “remove” button to datepickerMove button of date picker on the same lineRefactor: Move custombox HTML in views directoryLoad rich result only if one of location/time is not null

Even if we are confined, we wanted to contribute to a better world in context of corona virus.

So we are very proud to publish this new release, which will help you manage the (re)organization of your events.


Version 5.2.5

Fix date picker display on GutenbergFix CSS preview link in settingsFix “Indirect access to variables” PHP warningAdd “Blogs” attribute in event-list blockUse get_sites() instead of deprecated wp_get_sites()WordPress 5.0 compliant

Version 5.2.2

WordPress 5.0 compliant

Version 5.2.1

Fix crash when Gutenberg is not activated

Version 5.2.0


List of events beside the mapUse ES6 library for… Read more

While I manage dates and locations, I’ve chosen the 10th WordCamp Paris for this release and I’m a proud bronze sponsor of the event.

This said, what’s up?



We’re very happy to release this version. It doesn’t bring a firework of huge features, but simply improves the subtle integration into the WordPress environment.

As symbol of the maturity, the version number jumps to 5.0, and we revamped the icon, using dashicons.

Oh wait, we’re also proud to announce very useful… Read more

After a long period of development and testing, EventPost 4.5 is out. Many support requests are concerned by this release.

Most of the improvements are relative to maps, but 5 bugs fixes will give you a better experience for events.


The next release of EventPost is on the deck. While our team is testing newly added features, you can try the 4.5 beta version.

Here is the actual changelog (more…)

EventPost 4.4 has just released, the goal of this release is to fix bugs and to increased the plugin integration in the native WordPress environment. You don’t see that you’re using a plugin. It’s just WordPress. So, what’s new in version 4.4? (more…)