What’s new in EventPost 5.3?

Even if we are confined, we wanted to contribute to a better world in context of corona virus.

So we are very proud to publish this new release, which will help you manage the (re)organization of your events.

Many changes may happen since we’re all strongly encouraged to stay home. So, how to manage our planed events?

Google just updated its event interpretation, including support of new data. So did we.

New Event Properties

3 new fields just appeared in the editor to match the standard schema. The post headers will be updated in order to be well parsed by bots, such as Google’s crawler.

Event Status

You can now tell to your attendees (and search engines) what is the status of your events : scheduled, moved online, canceled, rescheduled or postoned. Very convenient right now as many events can’t occur physically anymore.

Attendance Mode & Virtual Location

You can now define the attendance mode for each event : Offline, Online or Mixed. Mostly useful for webinaries or MOOC.

If your event has a virtual location, you can set a conference link, so people can join directly.

What else?

  • A pagination option to the Events list block
  • Accurate localization for date and time, so it can be more natural in every language
  • Addition of wrappers for date and time in multi days events. Custom CSS addicts will love it!
  • Addition of many filters


  • Fix values not kept for checkboxes in editor
  • Force single view map height
  • add custom taxonomy to cal shortcode
  • Do not load gutenberg library on front
  • refactor JS/CSS file. manage all in webpack for minification
  • fix wrong path on filemtime in case of plugin not being in plugin directory physically
  • larger select for time in datepicker
  • remove deprecated po/mo files
  • Cleanup SVN repository






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