What’s new in v5.8?

Monetize access to events with no cost.

We’re glad to introduce a very simple but useful feature : support of WooCommerce products!

I fact, you already could check the product post-type in Events settings and add dates or locations on it. But it was not enough. We wanted to make it reliable and efficient, still in a lean way.

Now, when a product has a date, it’s price is shown in all event blocks : Calendar, Map, List, Timeline.

Moreover, event details are now displayed in a new product tab, perfectly integrated in your shop.

Better, rich event data (used by search engines) also integrates Offers data.

Conclusion : using WooCommerce and EventPost together can help you to setup a simple booking system. No bullshit : just event, price and stock, with no cost.

Just try it.

What’s more?

The Timeline design has been rebranded, with smooth animations. By default, focus is set on future events.

Changelog for v5.8

  • Set cursor on current date
  • Add support for WooCommerce products
  • New Timeline design
  • Fix ICS format
  • Fix PHP8 warnings
  • Update some dependencies


  • Fix undefined variable in price and text-price
  • Now when excerpt is empty, the text body is used
  • Use relative URLS in rewrite rules
  • Fix attempt to assign property start on null
  • Fix read property “time_start” on bool






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