4.3: Release multi-date and weather! ๐Ÿ—“

After 4 months, the 4.3 version has finally released and can be downloaded/updated in the WordPress directory. Long time, bug huge new features: Child events, weather, UI improvements and more.

End users new features

  • Introduce initial Weather support
  • Introduce child events feature
  • Allows to define current location as coordinates of an event
  • Add loader icon for maps on front
  • Add map icon in the editor
  • Add address in the admin posts-list
  • Do not validate post form when hitting enter from the location search field

Developers new features

  • New actions `evenpost_init`, `eventpost_get_single`, `eventpost_custom_box_date`, `eventpost_custom_box_loc` and `eventpost_getsettings_action`
  • New filter `eventpost_default_list_shema`
  • New `$post` parameter to `eventpost_item_scheme_values` filter
  • Update i18n file

Bug fixes

  • Almost perfect accessibility in calendar
  • Cleaner HTML indent
  • Fix bad HTML syntax in event list
  • Fix wrong target for calendar container
  • Fix some CSS bad syntaxes
  • Some corrections in readme.txt
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One response to “4.3: Release multi-date and weather! ๐Ÿ—“”

  1. Paul Avatar

    Dear sirs,

    We have used your plugin for some time.
    However the map now says As of July the 11th 2016 direct tile access has been discontinued.
    Please can you let me know how to fix this as a matter of urgency. We just upgraded to 4.3 so we have the latest version.

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