4.4: Deep integration 🗓

EventPost 4.4 has just released, the goal of this release is to fix bugs and to increased the plugin integration in the native WordPress environment. You don’t see that you’re using a plugin. It’s just WordPress. So, what’s new in version 4.4?

The edit page

Most visible changes can be found in the edit page.

The “Location” edit box user interface has been improved:


  • Now, you have to click to enable map dragging, this prevents from setting a location by a dummy mouse wheel
  • The “Manual GPS setting” is lighter than ever, hidden by default, you can expand fields in a simple click
  • The global layout is simplified


The “event date” edit box has also been revamped:


  • A new “All day” toggle option let you deactivate hours and minutes
  • A new native WordPress date-picker has been introduced
  • Better and obvious check that end date is after beginning
  • The global layout is lighter


Some bug fixes

Calendar Widget

  • Fix calendar widget title not displayed
  • Fix today highlighting in calendar when day of month is lower than 10

Other fixes

  • Fix Open Weather Map URL in settings page
  • Fix date pickers preview in settings page
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